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KPR Automotive Ltd. (based in Konya, Turkey) has been operating in the automotive sector for 33 years. With our trademark RIXENBERG, we have started to provide 1750 different reference of filters. Today, our range of filters covers 95% for passenger cars and vans in the domestic market.


RIXENBERG offers Air Filters, Oil Filters, Cabin Filters, and Fuel Filters for whole world brand range as European, Japanese, and Korean cars. Our quality is compatible with international automotive brands in the market. RIXENBERG provides approximately 1750 different reference of filters. Its supply facilitates us to keep 1750 reference of filters in stock at the same time. New models, cars, and vehicles are constantly tracked in order to be the first in the market to provide filters for them. Our product range is being expanded through direct and daily contact with the leading distributors and sellers in the aftermarket.

Our production policy is providing best-quality products under RIXENBERG trademark with perfect range at best price and being always available in the market.

Our filters are manufactured in accordance with international TS 16949 OEM standards and numbering system.


Providing high quality filters at best price with customer-oriented qualified service is our fundamental principle. In order to meet our clients’ needs in time, we constantly keep our product range (1750 different reference) in stock; therefore, there is no quantity limitation for our customers. We can deliver your order in one day to the assigned port in Turkey.

We strongly believe that as our clients’ market share grows so as ours. Hence, to help our customers’ competitiveness in the market, we offer them price and product to create a balance among price, quality, and customer choices.

One of RIXENBERG’s key principles is to create distribution and supply chain with an innovative approach that will help its dealers make a difference in the sector by providing filters for even cars which are in their guarantee period.

Additionally, RIXENBERG aims to offer the widest range of products adjustable for all car and vehicle models in the international market. In order to achieve that, RIXENBERG adds 150+ different reference of filters to its product range each year.

Our company targets to position RIXENBERG Filters in top three list in the market and we have already established a team to provide service and information to our end-users, and to reinforce our positive image.


We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is an asset which is more valuable than money in the long run. We carry out customer policy that is formulated based on our customers’ needs.

Our basic principles in terms of service are as follows:

  • Pay regular visits to the customers and discuss their needs,
  • Deliver orders in time,
  • Provide customer-oriented packages
  • Carry out constant contact facilities for customers

Paying much attention to the details, RIXENBERG offers its own cataloging system online in its website.